Hike or Ride the Ridge Trail – Record Your Progress with the Trail Tracker!

Once you've completed one segment of the Bay Area Ridge Trail, we hope you'll want to hike or ride others. With more than 340 miles open throughout the Bay Area, hiking or riding the entire "dedicated" Ridge Trail is a worthy challenge. You will gain new perspectives on the region, and all its wonderful natural places already protected and preserved. You'll experience first-hand how the Ridge Trail connects these parks and open spaces, and the challenges to complete the Trail. The Trail Tracker will help you record the sections of Trail you've completed and the ones you've yet to explore.

As you discover more of the Trail, we hope you'll be inspired to support efforts to complete the Ridge Trail, preserving new open spaces that connect existing Trail with new Trail.  To support the Trail donate here, or sign-up to volunteer.  To learn about Ridge Trail events and progress, new Trail and park openings, sign-up for our email newsletter  and follow us on Facebook.

As you hike or ride new sections of Trail, share your adventures! Share photos, ideas, writings or witticisms about the Trail with other Ridge Trail supporters on our Facebook page here.

Download an editable Excel file to track your Trail explorations!

Don't have Excel? Download a PDF of the Trail Tracker.

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